Quickstone Sleepers

Bennett's Concrete Products are proud to announce the release of our new range of Quickstone Sleepers retaining solutions.

The Quickstone Sleepers range has a focus on fine detail and could well be mistaken for natural stone and timber.

Quickstone Sleepers are available in a range of profiles which will blend naturally into your environment.

Whether you are a builder, landscaper or D.I.Y home handyman, Quickstone Sleepers offer quick and easy installation ensuring a professional finish to your project.

Quickstone Sleepers will not rot, be eaten by termites or be burnt by fire.

Quickstone Sleepers retaining solution can be used in domestic, architectural and commercial projects and can be used in water side applications.

The use of Quickstone Sleepers is only limited by your imagination and allows freedom of design in making your next project a work of art.

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