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Supertreat Aerated Wastewater Treatment System
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Supertreat Wastewater Systems

Bennetts Concrete Products is well known in the local area, having been in the business of manufacturing, installing and servicing septic systems throughout the Shoalhaven for the past 40 years. We are also qualified drainers. License No. 59412C.

We are very familiar with local terrain, soils and drainage conditions as well as Council requirements on drainage applications for different areas within the Shoalhaven. We boast a professional team of trained waste water technicians with 3 full time service vehicles on the road, ensuring a prompt response to any problems that may arise. Our technicians are on call 24/7, 365 days a year for your peace of mind. We fully guarantee our workmanship and are proud to provide you with friendly lifetime maintenance to keep your system functioning efficiently.

How “Super-Treat” works

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All household waste water flows to a septic tank where the primary breakdown of materials takes place. It then flows into a second tank where the treatment system is installed and by aeration, converts it into biologically clean, clear, odour-free water. The water is then lightly disinfected before being automatically irrigated onto the garden through a sprinkler system.

We recommend the Supertreat Aerated Wastewater Treatment System for the following reasons:

•  The system is competitively priced.

•  It is the most reliable in the market as it operates with a venturi suction system as opposed to the traditional blower units that tend to require frequent repairs. This can be costly for everyone, not to mention the inconvenience.

•  It enables everyone to do their bit for the environment by helping to clean up drains, creeks and rivers so often polluted by overflowing absorption trenches.

•  The water recycling system is great for saving on excess water bills and maintaining luscious green lawns and gardens.

Check these advantages:

•  Two tanks are better than one, providing a complete and thorough treatment process, greater efficiency and no cross contamination.

•  Use of locally supplied tanks keeps the business in your community and avoids costly long distance concrete haulage from factory to building site.

•  Venturi Aeration - The treatment process relies principally on oxygenating the effluent. To do this the “Super-Treat” system uses the Venturi method, employing a submersible water pump. This technique is 2 - 5 times more effective than the conventional air blower method and makes no noise. Aeration by Venturi is unique to “Super-Treat” and is a patented device.

As part of our service we offer:

•  Free site inspections.

•  No obligation quotations.

•  Assistance with council Applications.

•  Excavation and complete installation of Supertreat systems are all easily organised with one phone call to Bennetts Concrete Products.

•  Quarterly servicing of your system in accordance with Council regulations.

The SB10 Supertreat basic package consists of:

•  1 x 3400 litre septic tank, 1 x 3550 litre treatment tank, delivered to site.

•  A basic irrigation kit, which consists of 50 metres of irrigation pipe, 8 sprinklers, bends, junctions and a non-return valve. This will service approximately 200 metres of irrigation area.

•  Connection of the starter irrigation kit to ensure proper functioning of the system.

•  First 12 months quarterly servicing free.

•  24 hour alarm monitoring.

•  Warranty for 12 months on all electrical components and 24 months on pumps.

•  15 year warranty on concrete tanks.

Installation of your system can also be arranged by our team.

We can also quote and prepare your irrigation area in accordance with Council specifications once this has been established through the aid of a Geo-tech report.


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